AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-01Upstream update to 1.1.4Doug Newgard
2018-10-03Upstream update to 1.1.3Doug Newgard
2018-07-26Fix build with libphobos >= 2.081.0Doug Newgard
2018-02-20Add back release packageDoug Newgard
2017-02-13Non-recursive depsDoug Newgard
2016-11-09Rename source file to prevent conflictsDoug Newgard
2016-07-27Minor cleaningDoug Newgard
2016-05-06SimplifyDoug Newgard
2016-05-06Add config file to backup arrayDoug Newgard
2016-04-18Bump pkgrelDoug Newgard
2016-04-18Cleanup and move to user serviceDoug Newgard
2016-04-04moved dmd to makedependsImNtReal
2016-01-19added conflictsImNtReal
2015-09-23fixed etc pathBuildTools
2015-09-23fixed share pathBuildTools
2015-09-23fixed bin pathBuildTools
2015-09-23Initial commitBuildTools