AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-22up to 3.7.20John Gleezowood
2019-08-30up to 3.7.4John Gleezowood
2019-07-113.7.0John Gleezowood
2019-04-15up to 3.6.2John Gleezowood
2019-03-01up to 3.6John Gleezowood
2018-12-26update to 3.5.4John Gleezowood
2018-11-30up to 3.5.3John Gleezowood
2018-09-19update to 3.4.5John Gleezowood
2018-07-10update to 3.4.2John Gleezowood
2018-01-23.John Gleezowood
2018-01-09updated to 3.3.10John Gleezowood
2017-09-06added package name and version info to downloaded files namesJohn Gleezowood
2017-08-013.2.13John Gleezowood
2017-06-29update to 3.2.11John Gleezowood
2017-06-123.2.9John Gleezowood
2017-05-18update to 3.2.8John Gleezowood
2017-04-25updated to 3.2.7John Gleezowood
2017-01-17updated to 3.2.2John Gleezowood
2016-11-05i686 cleanJohn Gleezowood
2016-11-05i686 cleanJohn Gleezowood
2016-10-05up to 3.1.10John Gleezowood
2016-09-11up to 3.1.9John Gleezowood
2016-08-21up to 3.1.8John Gleezowood
2016-08-15up to 3.1.7John Gleezowood
2016-08-14up to 3.1.7John Gleezowood
2016-08-03up to 3.1.6John Gleezowood
2016-07-14up to 3.1.5John Gleezowood
2016-07-05update to 3.1.4John Gleezowood
2016-06-25updated to 3.1.3John Gleezowood
2016-06-22fixed LICENSE.txt placementJohn Gleezowood
2016-06-18updated to 3.1.2John Gleezowood
2016-06-16using an prebuilded arch package for x86_64, but rebuilded (there are no rule...John Gleezowood
2016-06-16using an prebuilded arch package for x86_64, but rebuilded (there are no rule...Dmitry Psyriccio
2016-06-13.SRCINFO!Dmitry Psyriccio
2016-06-13pkgrel=>3 (why update not shown in AUR?)Dmitry Psyriccio
2016-06-13update to 3.1.1Dmitry Psyriccio
2016-06-13fix pkgrel (old package has pkgrel bigger then new)Dmitry Psyriccio
2016-06-02updated to 3.1Dmitry Psyriccio
2016-05-27adopt and deflagged, because its a latest versionDmitry Psyriccio
2016-03-23New upstream version 3.0.9Christopher Arndt
2016-03-03New upstream version 3.0.8Christopher Arndt
2016-02-03New upstream version 3.0.6 and fixed install to be a string instead of an arrayChristopher Arndt
2016-01-27New upstream version 3.0.5Christopher Arndt
2016-01-06New upstream version 3.0.4. Adds dependency 'jack'Christopher Arndt
2015-12-14New upstream release 3.0.3Christopher Arndt
2015-12-08New upstream version 3.0.2Christopher Arndt
2015-12-07New upstream version 3.0Christopher Arndt
2015-07-28Fix dependencies, project url and variable name typo in package functionChristopher Arndt
2015-07-24Initial import of ocenaudio-bin packageChristopher Arndt