AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-02-12v1.7.8Sean Anderson
2019-05-241.7.6Eric Bailey
2018-08-191.7.5Eric Bailey
2017-09-30Add armv7h to supported architectures. Same pkgrel.Eric Bailey
2017-03-30 Bump to 1.7.2Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-11-16 Bump to 1.7.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-01-09 Adopt the packageYen Chi Hsuan
2015-10-06updated to 1.7.0lesebas
2015-09-08Revert back to old versionnull
2015-09-08Fixed directory names againnull
2015-09-08Updated directory namesnull
2015-09-08Updated to 1.7.0Taha
2015-08-25Initial commitnull