AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-06-25Update to 1.22Eric Anderson
2016-12-30Update to 1.21Eric Anderson
2016-11-28Update to 1.20.2Eric Anderson
This is a mostly useless update. The only change to upstream in 1.20.1 and 1.20.2 is a new explicit dependency on gnupg in Debian since it was no longer implicitly included via build-essential. That seems a bit strange since that should imply gnupg is only a build dependency, but it is used at runtime as well. It's also unclear why the dependency is a 'Depends' instead of a 'Suggests', since it is only necessary when using encryption. Maybe I don't understand the semantics of Suggests. This has little impact for Arch because pacman transitively depends on gnupg. Obnam could have an optional dependency on gnupg, but gnupg is already installed on virtually all Arch machines and upstream chose a strong dependency.
2016-10-29Update to 1.20Eric Anderson
2016-08-07Remove explicit dependency to python2-yamlEric Anderson
python2-yaml is still a transitive dependency, but indirect via python2-cliapp. It was a mistake to include the dependency in obnam.
2016-01-17Update to 1.19Eric Anderson
2015-11-19Update to 1.18.2Eric Anderson
2015-11-15Re-run mksrcinfoEric Anderson
2015-11-15Patch compatibility issue with Paramiko 1.16Eric Anderson
2015-11-15Update to 1.18.1Eric Anderson
2015-09-13Update to 1.17Eric Anderson
2015-08-15Update to 1.14Eric Anderson
2015-08-09Update to 1.13Eric Anderson
2015-07-11Update to 1.12Eric Anderson
2015-06-20Initial importEric Anderson