AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-16python path updatedpiotr
2019-03-07tmp path changedpiotr
2018-12-08workaround to occasional xrandr errorpiotr
2018-10-07checking if light and tint2 installed alteredpiotr
2018-10-06several small bug fixespiotr
2018-10-06Version and description updated in UIpiotr
2018-10-06light-git optionally instead of xbacklightpiotr
2018-10-06Missing dependency addedpiotr
2018-09-15Timer icon added. See the github README.piotr
2018-08-28yet another fix to --autoconfig tint2piotr
2018-08-27A small fix to --autoconfig tint2piotr
2018-08-26Timer/Stopwatch addedpiotr
2018-08-24checksum correctedpiotr
2018-08-22update for python 3.7piotr
2018-07-22outdated description fixedpiotr
2018-07-21battery low sound addedpiotr
2018-07-19improved error handlingpiotr
2018-07-18menu and small fixes addedpiotr
2018-07-15a small bug in --autoconfig keys fixedpiotr
2018-07-14Switching displays added, please run obhud --autoconfig keyspiotr
2018-06-22autoconfig addedpiotr
2018-06-20added --touchpad toggle commandpiotr
2018-06-19touchpad on/off addedpiotr
2018-06-14config file addedpiotr
2018-06-13initial commitpiotr