AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-19fix a duplicate macro in libhidapi preventing bootstrap from wor...Marc-Olivier Barre
2020-12-19Remove old patchMarc-Olivier Barre
2020-12-19Bump to version 1.8.0Marc-Olivier Barre
2020-07-30Update to 1.7.0 and fix the lpthread build issue.Marc-Olivier Barre
2019-03-20Bump version in SRCINFOMarc-Olivier Barre
2019-03-20Add conflicts and provides to avoid colision with the git versionMarc-Olivier Barre
2019-03-20Bump version to 1.5 and cleanup patchesMarc-Olivier Barre
2018-06-16adding some needed dependenciesVincent
2018-03-24new build files from
2016-10-04updating to 1.0.0 with qt5, from stargazers lounge patchVincent
2015-07-06Initial importVincent