AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysupdate to 14.0.1Mitch Bigelow
2021-09-05ttf file changed without a version bump AGAINMitch Bigelow
2021-09-02ttf file changed without a version bumpMitch Bigelow
2021-07-18add version to downloaded file to fix build if there was an old 'Blobmoji.ttf...Mitch Bigelow
2021-07-17update to 14.0Mitch Bigelow
2020-10-20provides emoji-fontMitch Bigelow
2019-06-14update to emoji 12Mitch Bigelow
2019-06-01don't conflict with noto-fonts-emojiMitch Bigelow
2018-06-02update to 2018-05-06Mitch Bigelow
2018-04-25Switch to C1710's forkMitch Bigelow
2017-08-26last good version of google's emoji 🙁Mitch Bigelow