AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-22remove dependency on noise-suppression-for-voice.Travis Collins
2021-01-15update main and module patches to work with latest git commitTravis Collins
2020-12-16update to version 0.9.0. fix patchesTravis Collins
2020-12-11add conflict with new noisetorch aur package.Travis Collins
2020-12-11use from the aur package noise-suppression-for-voice ins...Travis Collins
2020-11-16don't apply patch to disable updater. no longer needed as of 0.8.0Travis Collins
2020-08-03set GOPATH so go modules are not added to default directory in users home dir...Travis Collins
2020-07-31update build process to use proper go flags.Travis Collins
2020-07-24patch main.go to remove the method that checks for updates. this is instead o...Travis Collins
2020-07-24update to 0.5.3 betaTravis Collins
2020-07-21update to 0.5.2-betaTravis Collins
2020-07-19update to 0.5.1-betaTravis Collins
2020-07-18update to 0.5.0-betaTravis Collins
2020-07-18initial PKGBUILDTravis Collins