AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-03Update to version 0.10.3Nicola Squartini
2016-05-25Update to version 0.10.1Nicola Squartini
2016-05-17Update to version 0.10.0Nicola Squartini
2016-01-08Update to version 0.9.6Nicola Squartini
2015-11-05Update to version 0.9.5Nicola Squartini
2015-11-05Remove GitHub source package from .gitignoreNicola Squartini
2015-11-05Shorten LICENSE link targetNicola Squartini
2015-10-05Bump package releaseNicola Squartini
2015-10-05Remove references to $pkgdirNicola Squartini
2015-10-05Install directly from the npm registryNicola Squartini
2015-10-05Link LICENSE file instead of copying itNicola Squartini
2015-10-05Enable !emptydirs optionNicola Squartini
2015-09-05Initial commitNicola Squartini