AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-11Force meaningful write permissionsThorsten Wißmann
2018-08-22Update to elm 0.19.0Thorsten Wißmann
2018-05-24Fix depends and obsolete rmThorsten Wißmann
2016-11-30The elm repl explicitly requires libtinfo5Thorsten Wißmann
2016-11-18Update to elm 0.18.0Thorsten Wißmann
2016-08-26Optional dependency libtinfo, required by elm replThorsten Wißmann
2016-08-04Update to 0.17.1Thorsten Wißmann
2015-12-26fix .SRCINFOvlad
2015-12-26update to 1:0.16.0-1vlad
2015-12-25update to 1:0.16.0vlad
2015-07-30Initial import and upgrade to latest versionMichael Herold