AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-26update to v4.2.1Lukas Grossar
2020-08-24upgrade to v4.1.5Lukas Grossar
2020-05-15Fix owner of files being build userLukas Grossar
2020-05-15fix sourcesToni Tauro
2020-05-15upgrade to release version 4.1.2Toni Tauro
2020-05-05update to v4.1.1Lukas Grossar
2020-05-01update to v4.0.5Lukas Grossar
2020-04-07update to v4.0.4Lukas Grossar
2019-07-21update to v4.0.3Lukas Grossar
2019-07-18update to v3.1.2Lukas Grossar
2019-04-23update to v3.1.1Lukas Grossar
2019-02-22fix directory permissionsLukas Grossar
2019-02-21update to v3.0.7Lukas Grossar
2018-12-11update to v3.0.5Lukas Grossar
2018-10-22upgrade to v3.0.4Lukas Grossar
2018-10-19upgrade to v3.0.3Lukas Grossar
2018-10-03upgrade to v3.0.2Lukas Grossar
2018-10-02upgrade to v3.0.1Lukas Grossar
2018-09-12initial commit v2.10.1Lukas Grossar