AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-31Add arm and aarch64 to arch arrayGraham Edgecombe
2018-02-26Update pkgrelGraham Edgecombe
2018-02-26Update .SRCINFOGraham Edgecombe
2018-02-26Update maintainer emailGraham Edgecombe
2018-02-26Add ARM architecturesGraham Edgecombe
2018-02-26Quote references to $srcdir and $pkgdirGraham Edgecombe
2018-02-26Replace md5sums with sha256sumsGraham Edgecombe
2014-03-08Bump pkgrel.Graham Edgecombe
2014-03-08Replace URL with a link to Debian's package tracking system.Graham Edgecombe
2014-03-08Use single quotes for pkgdesc variable.Graham Edgecombe
2014-03-08Update description.Graham Edgecombe
2013-12-15Fix license (it is actually BSD, not GPL.)Graham Edgecombe
2013-12-15Remove .cron postfix from installed cronjob.Graham Edgecombe
2013-12-15Add systemd as an optional dependency.Graham Edgecombe
2013-12-15Add cronjob to delete old /var/spool/rwho files monthly.Graham Edgecombe
2013-12-15Overhaul most of the packaging.Graham Edgecombe
2013-12-15Add original package from AUR.Graham Edgecombe