AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-03-14Fix bad install targetAnthony Ruhier
2018-03-13v2.3.1Anthony Ruhier
2018-01-21v2.2.8Anthony Ruhier
2017-12-07v2.2.7Anthony Ruhier
2017-11-13v2.2.4Anthony Ruhier
2017-10-17v2.2.2Anthony Ruhier
2017-09-25v2.1.5Anthony Ruhier
2017-08-31v2.1.4Anthony Ruhier
2017-08-18v2.1.3Anthony Ruhier
2017-08-06v2.1.2Anthony Ruhier
2017-07-28v2.1.0Anthony Ruhier
2017-07-16v2.0.10Anthony Ruhier
2017-06-25v2.0.7Anthony Ruhier
2017-05-29v2.0.4Anthony Ruhier
2017-05-10Migrations need python-pillowAnthony Ruhier
2017-05-10Add dependency to python-django-cors-headersAnthony Ruhier
2017-05-10v2.0.1Anthony Ruhier
2017-04-21v1.9.6Anthony Ruhier
2017-04-13Patch for django-debug-toolbar removedAnthony Ruhier
Not needed anymore, as netbox synced with the last release of django-debug-toolbar
2017-04-13Forgot to update .SRCINFOAnthony Ruhier
2017-04-13Use python-django-debug-toolbar stableAnthony Ruhier
2017-04-13Add python-simplejsonAnthony Ruhier
2017-04-13Add dependency to python-openapi-codecAnthony Ruhier
2017-04-13Add dependency to python-coreapiAnthony Ruhier
2017-04-13Add python-pytz as dependencyAnthony Ruhier
2017-04-07v1.9.5Anthony Ruhier
2017-04-06v1.9.4-r1Anthony Ruhier
2017-03-23v1.9.3Anthony Ruhier
2017-03-15v1.9.2Anthony Ruhier
2017-03-02v1.9.0Anthony Ruhier
2017-02-05Use gunicorn python3 instead of python2Anthony Ruhier
2017-02-05v1.8.4Anthony Ruhier
2017-01-26Add python-yaml as dependencyAnthony Ruhier
2017-01-26v1.8.3 and python 3Anthony Ruhier
Netbox is python 3 compatible now!
2017-01-18v1.8.2Anthony Ruhier
2017-01-05v1.8.1Anthony Ruhier
2017-01-03v1.8.0Anthony Ruhier
2016-12-18Add django debug toolbar to middlewaresAnthony Ruhier
The version in the netbox requirements apparently does not need it, but the one in Arch repos does.
2016-12-18Bump to v1.7.3Anthony Ruhier
2016-11-16Bump to netbox 1.7.1Anthony Ruhier
2016-11-08Bump to version 1.7.0Anthony Ruhier
2016-10-30Update checksumsAnthony Ruhier
2016-10-30Fix dependencies and bugsAnthony Ruhier
Replace /usr/bin/python by /usr/bin/python2
2016-10-30Add django-rest-swagger as dependencyAnthony Ruhier
2016-10-30And also not forget to add your .SRCINFOAnthony Ruhier
2016-10-30That's why you don't make it as rootAnthony Ruhier
2016-10-30Fix bad source dir for configAnthony Ruhier
2016-10-30Add netbox configAnthony Ruhier
2016-10-30Update srcinfoAnthony Ruhier
2016-10-30Fix bad directoryAnthony Ruhier