AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysv8.10.0Alexandre ZANNI
2020-01-24v8.9.0Alexandre ZANNI
2019-10-10v8.7.1Alexandre ZANNI
2019-09-24automatic installAlexandre ZANNI
2019-08-19v8.6.0Alexandre ZANNI
2019-08-07v8.5.2Alexandre ZANNI
2019-07-03v8.5.1Alexandre ZANNI
2019-05-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// ZANNI
2019-05-03v8.3.2Alexandre ZANNI
2019-05-03v8.3.2Alexandre ZANNI
2019-03-24new unlimited downlaod linknoraj
2019-02-22v8.2.3Alexandre ZANNI
2019-02-22v8.2.3Alexandre ZANNI
2018-09-24Update to Nessus v7.2.1 and use Cloudflare IPFSKenneth Endfinger
2018-08-28Update to v7.2.0Kenneth Endfinger
2018-08-07Update to v7.1.3 (Now using ipfs for download.)Kenneth Endfinger
2018-02-15Update to 7.0.2Matt Everson
2018-01-30Update to 7.0.1Matt Everson
2017-12-14Update to 7.0.0Matt Everson
2017-09-11Updated to 6.11.1Matt Everson
2017-08-11Updated to 6.11.0Matt Everson
2017-07-146.10.9Matt Woelk
2017-06-22Updated to 6.10.8Matt Woelk
2017-06-02Updated to 6.10.7Matt Woelk
2017-05-25Updated to 6.10.6, with curl fix.Matt Woelk
2017-04-11Update to 6.10.5.Matt Woelk
2017-03-21Update to 6.10.4Matt Woelk
2017-03-15Updated to 6.10.3Matt Woelk
2017-02-21Updated to 6.10.2Matt Woelk
2017-02-06Updated to 6.10.1Matt Woelk
2017-02-01We no longer require openssl, as it's statically compiled into nessus.Matt Woelk
2017-02-01Bumped pkgrelMatt Woelk
2017-02-01Fixed /lib issueMatt Woelk
2017-01-31Merge commit '2e5980c'Matt Woelk
2017-01-31FixMatt Woelk
2017-01-31Fix.Matt Woelk
2017-01-31Updated to 6.10.0Matt Woelk
2017-01-09Updated to 6.9.3Matt Woelk
2016-12-19Update for Nessus 6.9.2Benjamin Bergman
2016-11-10Update to 6.9.1Matt Woelk
2016-10-25Updated to 6.9.0Matt Woelk
2016-07-256.8.1Matt Woelk
2016-07-22Added .desktop file.Matt Woelk