AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-31upstream update to 0.11Joost Bremmer
2019-06-30Add .gitignoreJoost Bremmer
2019-06-30Upgrade package and fix themes split package functionJoost Bremmer
2018-02-02update pkg: Fix regression (see FS#53355)Joost Bremmer
2018-01-16Update .SRCINFOJoost Bremmer
2018-01-16Update pkg: neovim-airline 0.9Joost Bremmer
2017-05-14Fix Bug FS#53355.Joost Bremmer
2017-02-07update pkg: neovim-airline-themes 0.8-2Joost Bremmer
2016-10-23update pkg: neovim-airline 0.8-2Joost Bremmer
2016-10-16update pkg: neovim-airline 0.8-1Joost Bremmer
2016-10-13Initial commitJoost Bremmer