AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-13fix build.Dylan Araps
2017-07-01Update PKGBUILD to use install.shDylan Araps
2016-05-15xprop is now an optional dependencyDylan
2016-03-13Fix install issueDylan
2016-03-12Remove destdir as the makefile uses prefixDylan
2016-02-28Rename fetch to neofetchDylan
2016-02-17Swapped wmctrl for xpropDylan
2016-02-17wmctrl is now a required dependencyDylan
2016-02-08Update to 1.1Dylan
2016-01-31Swap to using the makefileDylan
2016-01-30Remove xprop from opt dependsDylan
2016-01-30Fix incorrect opt dependDylan
2016-01-30Added new opt depend, xorg-xprop.Dylan
2016-01-30Install config file to /usr/share/fetch/configDylan
2016-01-29Install ascii art to /usr/share/fetchDylan
2016-01-28Add new opt dependenciesDylan
2016-01-28Add new opt dependenciesDylan
2016-01-09Fixed typosDylan
2016-01-09Fixed typosDylan
2016-01-09Added filesDylan