AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-25Release 40.0Albert Vaca Cintora
2020-11-22Release 3.38.2Albert Vaca Cintora
2020-10-08Release 3.38.1Albert Vaca Cintora
2020-05-313.36.3-1Albert Vaca Cintora
2020-04-263.36.2Albert Vaca Cintora
2020-04-02Release Vaca Cintora
2020-03-09Fix provides/conflictsAlbert Vaca Cintora
2020-03-09Fix buildAlbert Vaca Cintora
2020-03-09Release 3.36.0Albert Vaca Cintora
2019-11-253.34.2Albert Vaca Cintora
2019-10-07Ignore built packagesAlbert Vaca Cintora
2019-10-07Release 3.34.1Albert Vaca Cintora
2019-09-28Include fix for issue #1229Albert Vaca Cintora
2019-09-13Release 3.34.0Albert Vaca Cintora
2019-08-16Bump to 3.32.3Albert Vaca Cintora
2019-05-08Bump to 3.32.1Albert Vaca Cintora
2019-03-19Patch has been merged, change back to official repoAlbert Vaca Cintora
2019-03-18Fix build in clangAlbert Vaca Cintora
2019-03-18Update to 3.32.0Albert Vaca Cintora
2019-02-09Update to 3.30.5Albert Vaca Cintora
2018-12-10Updated to 30.3.4Albert Vaca
2018-11-06Update to 3.30.3Albert Vaca
2018-10-13Update to 3.30.2Albert Vaca
2018-09-09Update patch for nautilus 3.30Albert Vaca
2018-04-29Updated srcinfoAlbert Vaca
2018-04-29Fixed patchAlbert Vaca
2018-04-29Update to 3.28.1Albert Vaca
2018-03-26Upgrade to Vaca
2018-02-24Match base nautilus packageAlbert Vaca
2018-02-24I guess I've become the maintainerAlbert Vaca
2018-02-24Update to 3.26.2Albert Vaca
2017-10-18libtracker-sparql is now part of trackerAlbert Vaca
2017-09-17Update to 3.26.0Albert Vaca
2017-07-09Switch build system to mesonAlbert Vaca
2017-07-09Updated to 3.24.1Albert Vaca
2016-10-17Updated to version 3.22.1-1Ian Hernandez
2016-10-14Updated to version Hernandez
2016-06-11Updated to version 3.20.1-1Ian Hernandez
2016-04-10Updated to version 3.20.0-1Ian Hernández
2016-03-30Updated to version 3.18.5-1Ian Hernández
2015-10-09Updated to nautilus-3.18.0-1Ian Hernández
2015-09-28Package updated, now using the ubuntu patch.Ian Hernández
2015-09-21Updated PKGBUILDIan Hernández
2015-09-21Updated PKGBUILD to include libnautilusIan Hernández
2015-09-11pkgbase error correctedIan Hernández
2015-09-11SRCINFO updatedIan Hernández
2015-09-11PKGBUILD correctedIan Hernández
2015-09-11PKGBUILD updatedIan Hernández
2015-09-10Package description modifiedIan Hernández
2015-09-10Initial commit - nautilus-typeahead 3.16.2-1Ian Hernández