AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-05Update to version 2.2.2Francis Agyapong
2021-04-04Update to version 2.2.1Francis Agyapong
2021-03-25Update to version 2.2.0Francis Agyapong
2021-03-02Update to version 2.1.9Francis Agyapong
2020-09-27License and source fixes:Francis Agyapong
2020-09-19Update to version 2.1.8Francis Agyapong
2020-05-17Update to version 2.1.7Francis Agyapong
2020-04-12Update to version 2.1.6Francis Agyapong
2020-03-27Update to version 2.1.4Francis Agyapong
2019-12-30Update to version 2.1.2Francis Agyapong
2019-10-02Update to version 2.1.0Francis Agyapong
2019-09-15Update to version 2.0.4Francis Agyapong
2019-08-13Update to version 2.0.2Francis Agyapong
2019-07-18Fix service unit fileFrancis Agyapong
2019-07-18Update email formatFrancis Agyapong
2019-07-18Initial commitFrancis Agyapong