AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-04Update to v0.20.1Maximilian Weiss
2020-07-19Update to v0.20.0, which removes BIP 70Maximilian Weiss
2020-06-05Update for new Qt5 include issueMaximilian Weiss
2020-03-20Update to v0.19.1Maximilian Weiss
2020-02-23Whoops, fixed last commit's breaking 32-bit buildsMaximilian Weiss
2020-02-21Enabled BIP70, 64-bit static build should actually work now, and added man pa...Maximilian Weiss
2020-02-04Fix for boost 1.72 udpateMaximilian Weiss
2020-02-04Rel bump to force rebuild for boost lib updateMaximilian Weiss
2020-01-03Update to Weiss
2019-11-30Update to v0.19.0Maximilian Weiss
2019-11-14Rel bump to force re-install for new boost libsMaximilian Weiss
2019-10-28rel bump for new shared library locationsMaximilian Weiss
2019-10-10Bump for rebuild on new Boost libMaximilian Weiss
2019-08-14Updated to 0.18.1Maximilian Weiss
2019-05-16Updated to version 0.18.0Maximilian Weiss
2019-02-09Patch no longer necessaryMaximilian Weiss
2018-11-14Updated to v0.17, added systemd user service for namecoindMaximilian Weiss
2018-09-26Implemented fix method which still allows forced SSL upgrade to TLSMaximilian Weiss
2018-09-22Upgraded to 0.16.3; disabled BIP 70 and forced SSLv3 upgrade in order to fix ...Maximilian Weiss
2018-09-09Update to version 0.16.2Maximilian Weiss
2018-07-27Updated to v0.16.1Maximilian Weiss
2018-02-19Upgraded to 0.15.99 beta2Maximilian Weiss
2018-01-21Updated to 0.15.99 releaseMaximilian Weiss
2017-11-18Made static build for x64Maximilian Weiss
2017-09-29Incremented pkgrel, since rebuild is required after boost package updateMaximilian Weiss
2017-09-07Finally fixed openssl problemsMaximilian Weiss
2017-09-07Revert to known working version while I fix openssl changesMaximilian Weiss
2017-09-07Fixed to work with OpenSSL changesMaximilian Weiss
2017-09-07Disabled tests compilation, since test code is borkedMaximilian Weiss
2017-09-07Downgraded package to most recent release at user requestMaximilian Weiss
2017-07-22Whoops, typo!Maximilian Weiss
2017-07-22Initial commitMaximilian Weiss