AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-07use the right permissions for the home dirBrainDamage
2021-04-07make sure the home dir of the user of the service file existsBrainDamage
2021-03-14removed references to registration.yamlBrainDamage
2021-03-02fixed missing path of mx-puppet-discord's home dirBrainDamage
2021-03-02post install instructions take #2 since upstream changed behavior and won't o...BrainDamage
2021-02-27fixed typos in the post-install instructionsBrainDamage
2020-12-21added new dep of libjpeg, set number of build treads to same as make (if set)BrainDamage
2020-12-17fixed a typo in the service fileBrainDamage
2020-11-14fixed sourcing the wrong .install fileBrainDamage
2020-11-11added .install file with installation instructionsBrainDamage
2020-11-06fixed license fieldBrainDamage
2020-11-06initial versionBrainDamage