AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-02fix issue (maybe)Simon Gardling
2020-02-26implement retrieving latest release versionSimon Gardling
2020-02-24fix gjs dependency (one last time)Simon Gardling
2020-02-24Revert "fixed gjs (again)"Simon Gardling
2020-02-24fixed gjs (again)Simon Gardling
2020-02-24revert gjs dependency changeSimon Gardling
2020-02-24add sysprof-dev as a dependSimon Gardling
2020-02-24fixed gjs dependency 2Simon Gardling
2020-02-24fixed gjs dependencySimon Gardling
2020-02-20updated maintainer info 2: forgot about SRCINFOSimon Gardling
2020-02-20updated maintainer infoSimon Gardling
2020-02-20updated mutter version and added js68 and gjs-git to dependsaur
2019-10-14Update to version 3.35.1Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-10-12Update to version 3.34.1Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-09-14Update to version 3.34.0Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-05-23Update to version 3.33.2Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-05-15Update to version 3.33.1Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-04-20Update to version 3.32.1Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-03-14Update to version 3.32.0Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-03-05Update to version 3.31.92Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-02-24Remove unneeded patch fileClaudio Cocciarelli
2019-02-22Update to version 3.31.91Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-02-07Update to version 3.31.90Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-01-13Depend on gsettings-desktop-schemas-dev instead of gsettings-desktop-schemasClaudio Cocciarelli
2019-01-13Add a patch to revert gsettings-desktop-schemas to an older versionClaudio Cocciarelli
2019-01-12Update to version 3.31.4Claudio Cocciarelli
2019-01-12Add .gitignoreClaudio Cocciarelli
2019-01-12Use tag instead of commitClaudio Cocciarelli
2019-01-06Remove unneeded gnome-shell dependencyClaudio Cocciarelli
2018-12-22Mutter 3.21.3Claudio Cocciarelli