AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-09bump package version to 5.3.5Joerg Behrmann
2020-10-16bump package version to 5.3.4Joerg Behrmann
2020-10-16remove variable _PKGNAME and use _pkgname^^ insteadJoerg Behrmann
2020-10-16update gitignoreJoerg Behrmann
2020-10-16take over some changes from the included Behrmann
2020-10-16resolve variablesJoerg Behrmann
2020-10-16Update patches and Makefile from DebianJoerg Behrmann
2019-04-22update to new upstream version 5.2.0Joerg Behrmann
2019-03-16add lapack to dependenciesJoerg Behrmann
2019-03-11add scotch to dependenciesJoerg Behrmann
2019-03-03update to upstream release 5.1.2Joerg Behrmann
2017-01-26Release as mumps-seq-sharedJoerg Behrmann
2017-01-26Add patches for a shared version of mumps-seqJoerg Behrmann
2017-01-24updpkg: 5.0.2eolianoe
2015-07-24Upstream releaseeolianoe
2015-06-27Add .gitignoreeolianoe
2015-06-09Use metis instead of metis-4eolianoe
2015-06-09Initial importeolianoe