AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-29Update to 0.6.11Xiretza
2020-02-09Update to 0.6.8Xiretza
2019-10-03Allow building with modern javaXiretza
2019-08-08Update to 0.6.7Xiretza
2019-07-11Update to 0.6.6, constrain java versionXiretza
2019-06-11Fix crash on launching instanceXiretza
2019-02-24bump to 0.6.5, remove versioned dependenciesXiretza
2019-02-16bump version to 0.6.4, update librariesXiretza
2018-06-13fix build for Qt5.11, enable unit testsXiretza
2018-04-10Update to 0.6.2Taylor Smock
2018-02-11DEPENDENCIES: Due Minecraft not launching without xorg-xrandr, it is moved to...Taylor Smock
2018-02-01FIXUP: Accidentally increased multimc versionTaylor Smock
2018-02-01PKGBUILD: Add optional dependency xorg-xrandrTaylor Smock
2018-02-01MULTIMC: Update to 0.6.1Taylor Smock
2018-01-01UPDATE: Update to 0.6.0Taylor Smock
2017-10-27Update to 0.5.2 (still not change in source code)Taylor Smock
2017-08-17FIXUP: Bad hashTaylor Smock
2017-08-17Change default data directory to multimc from multimc5Taylor Smock
2017-05-29MULTIMC: BUILD: FIXUP bad jdk versions? Force jdk8.Taylor Smock
2017-05-29MULTIMC5: BUILD: Fix for gcc 7 compilers.Taylor Smock
2017-02-12MULTIMC5: Update to bugfix releaseTaylor Smock
2017-01-15Missed library that MultiMC needed when manually copying uncopied filesTaylor Smock
2017-01-15MULTIMC: Update to version 0.5.0Taylor Smock
2016-02-29Update to MultiMC 0.4.11Taylor Smock
2016-01-22Updated to 0.4.10Taylor Smock
2016-01-21Updated to MultiMC5 0.4.9Taylor Smock
2015-10-29Really fixed copy errors. I thinkTaylor Smock
2015-10-29Fixed issue where multimc didn't actually startTaylor Smock
2015-10-29Modified method for picking the directory.Taylor Smock
2015-06-12Added an optdepend (mcedit)Taylor Smock
2015-06-08Initial importTaylor Smock