AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-29Update to 2.7.0Mike Swanson
2019-06-22Update to 2.6.0Mike Swanson
2017-05-27ms-sys-devel 2.5.3 based on old ms-sys PKGBUILDMike Swanson
2016-11-09Add hardening-wrapper makedepDaniel M. Capella
2016-11-09Minor touch upDaniel M. Capella
2016-09-15minor cleanupDaniel M. Capella
2016-03-13back to stable releases. thank you kybDaniel M. Capella
2016-02-282.5.3Daniel M. Capella
2016-01-162.5.2Daniel M. Capella
2015-11-072.5.1Daniel M. Capella
2015-08-31Merge pull request #1 from carstene1ns/fix-ms-sysDaniel M. Capella
2015-08-30ms-sys: Add glibc dependencyCarsten Teibes
2015-07-09update SRCINFOpolyzen
2015-07-09add myself as maintainerpolyzen
2015-07-09initial commitpolyzen