AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-11v3.3.18: Bump SRCINFOJens John
2020-01-11v3.3.18Jens John
2018-06-02v3.3.17Jens John
2017-10-243.3.16Jens John
2017-08-203.3.15Jens John
2017-08-193.3.14Jens John
2017-04-143.3.13Jens John
2017-04-073.3.12Jens John
2017-03-263.3.11Jens John
2017-03-103.3.10 upstream releaseJens John
2017-01-193.3.8Jens John
2016-12-063.3.7Jens John
2016-09-173.3.6: new upstream releaseJens John
2016-09-103.3.5:reflect recent upstream changes to the CLIJens John
2016-07-26new upstream release 3.3.4Jens John
2016-07-203.3.3Jens John
2016-07-16upstream bugfix realease 3.3.2Jens John
2016-07-15move xrandr to optdependsJens John
2016-07-153.3: new upstream releaseJens John
2016-07-10bumpJens John
2016-07-10fix sha256 of hookJens John
2016-07-10New upstream release 3.1; drop unneeded deps from hookJens John
2016-06-283-2Jens John
2016-06-28PKGBUILD: require xorg-xrandr for the time being since we shell out for itJens John
2016-06-28Release Lua rewriteJens John
2016-06-28Use the lua-rewrite branchJens John
2016-03-06Use static pkgverJens John
2016-03-06Add .install script for deleting completion file when uninstallingJens John
2016-03-05Fix bug in package() -_-Jens John
2016-03-05Fix bug in check()Jens John
2016-03-05Utilize libalpm hooks for generating and updating the completion fileJens John
2016-02-07Remove BUGS fileJens John
2016-02-07Push new upstream version by way of new epochJens John
2015-09-10Strip epoch from installed mpv package versionsJens John
2015-09-09[2:0.10.0] Fucked up the previous commit, sorryJens John
2015-09-09[1:0.10.0-1] Fix mpv package version detectionJens John
2015-06-26Update pkgverJens John
2015-06-08Import packageJens John