AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-02-28Make setuptools a build dependencyJohannes Wienke
2020-12-18Version bump to 2.0.1Johannes Wienke
Thanks @bittin
2020-12-14Version bump to 2.0.1Johannes Wienke
Thanks @bittin
2020-12-03Revision bump for Python 3.9Johannes Wienke
2020-01-03Provide a unique source file nameJohannes Wienke
2019-12-23Version bump to 3.0.0Johannes Wienke
Now requires mopidy 3.0 and moves to python3
2019-03-31Version bump to 1.1.1Johannes Wienke
2017-02-13Update to 1.1.0Alexandre Petitjean
2015-08-11Add .gitignoreAlexandre Petitjean
2015-07-05Update pkgsumAlexandre Petitjean
2015-06-08Initial importAlexandre Petitjean