AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-22Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2020-05-17Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2019-04-29Added temp fix edit on launcher for LD_LIBRARY_PATH and EXE_PATH until dev's ↵Dan
add option as suggested by user fhdk.
2019-04-19Updated To
2019-03-12Updated To
2018-12-19Updated To
2018-09-19Corrected SRCINFO Release2 to 1.Dan
2018-09-19Updated to
2018-06-25Updated To
2018-06-13Updated to
2018-05-26Updated to
2018-05-05Updated to
2018-05-02Revised PKGBUILD to require mono or higher (Version is now ↵Dan
2018-04-30Updated to
2018-04-25Updated to
2018-04-09Updated to
2018-04-03Moved back to after accidental release downgrade to
2018-04-03Updated to
2018-03-26Updated to, changed to mono from mono-stable as msbuild conflics ↵Dan
and build problems now resolved.
2018-03-19Updated to Moved from mono to mono-stable, hopefully move back to ↵Dan
mono when the msbuild git project is updated for mono. Fsharp and msbuild will probably need to be compiled under mono-stable before running makepkg on this project.
2017-09-24updated to v7.1.5.2Malah
2017-06-28corrected versionningmalahx
2017-06-28corrected libgit2 compile error, readded nugetmalahx
2017-05-31updated to v7.0.1.24Malah
2016-12-23Bumping pkgverfusion809
2016-11-02Bumping pkgverfusion809
2016-10-22Updating descriptionfusion809
2016-10-22Downgrading pkgverfusion809
2016-10-22Initial commitfusion809
2016-07-21Updated to
2016-07-01initial commit of monodevelop-stablemalahx