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13 daysBump to 4.4.4Frederick Zhang
2021-01-10Bump to 4.4.3Frederick Zhang
2020-12-14Bump to 4.4.2Frederick Zhang
2020-10-03bump to 4.4.1Frederick Zhang
2020-09-03bump to 4.4.0Frederick Zhang
2020-06-22bump to 4.2.8Frederick Zhang
2020-06-01bump to 4.2.7Frederick Zhang
2020-04-28bump to 4.2.6Frederick Zhang
2019-12-27bump to 4.2.2Frederick Zhang
2019-10-19bump to 4.2.1Frederick Zhang
2019-09-10bump to 4.2.0Frederick Zhang
2019-09-10vim modelineFrederick Zhang
2019-09-10remove redundant quotes, full period and blank lineFrederick Zhang
2019-09-10adopt packageFrederick Zhang
2019-04-03bumps to 4.0.8juantascon
2019-02-20initial versionjuantascon