AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysAlways point to the latest tagMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-24Removed unneeded variable in build scriptMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-23Fixed build errors & optimized build scriptMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-23Fixed the versioning and removed the deprecated usage ofMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-23Raised the package version to trigger an updateMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-23Converted tabs to spaces in the build scriptMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-23Fixed broken build with workaroundMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-02Point to the master branch and v1.3.5 tag instead.Martin Dünkelmann
2020-08-02Fixed Maintainer declaration according to the submission guidelinesMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-02sync .SRCINFOMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-02Added myself to the maintainer listMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-02Reintroduce wxWidgets compile workaroundMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-02sync .SRCINFOMartin Dünkelmann
2020-08-02Update to stable MMEX v1.3.5Martin Dünkelmann
2017-09-23Added new makedep lsb-releaseAlberto Sánchez Molero
2017-07-25Updated to use CMakeAlberto Sánchez Molero
2017-05-24Moved to CMakeAlberto Sánchez Molero
2017-02-12Initial commitAlberto Sánchez Molero