AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-17Update to version 11.35.3Moritz Bruder
2019-05-17Update to newest versionMoritz Bruder
2019-01-19Update to version 11.31.13Moritz Bruder
2018-11-21Upgrade version to 11.31.11Moritz Bruder
2018-01-03Update package and add install script to create user and groupMoritz Bruder
2017-06-28Dec2016-SP5 Bugfix releaseBrian Hood
2017-03-05Doesn't look like variables work when looking at sources unless you can inter...Brian Hood
2017-03-05Enabled R Integration as its commonly usedBrian Hood
2017-03-04Updated SRC info to latest Dec2016-SP2 checksumsBrian Hood
2017-03-04Updated Latest Dec2016-SP2 package build released March 3rd 2017Brian Hood
2017-02-16fix PKGBUILD and update version to 11.25.5Thiago Perrotta
2016-05-29Initial build commitBrian Hood