AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
35 hoursFix openexr:v3, fix gcc:11 defaulting to c++17bartus
2020-12-19Fix boost:1.74 buildbartus
2020-12-04Update python:3.9bartus
2020-02-06Merge pull request #1 from bwrsandman/patch-1bartoszek
2019-12-06get `_pyver` in package stepSandy
2019-11-19Pop pkgrelbartus
2019-11-19Update Scons patch for pyton3.8bartus
2019-11-05Propagate {C,CXX,LD}FLAGS to Sconsbartus
2019-08-06Move _pyver inside prepare()bartus
2019-08-06Switch to python2-scons as arch drops support for pytho2 in scons.bartus
2018-09-15update dependanciesbartus
2018-09-15update sha256sumsbartus
2018-09-15switch to github sourcebartus
2018-09-15switch to github sourcebartus
2018-09-14fix irawan pluginbartus
2018-09-13fix ply shape pluginbartus
2018-09-04gcc>5 compatibilitybartus
2018-08-07update cmake patch for python 3.7bartus
2018-07-11mail updatebartus
2018-02-22irawan bsdf plugin fixbartus
2018-02-20pop release version, update SRCINFObartus
2018-02-20drop irawan as can`t make it works with latest boostbartus
2017-01-17fix eigen3.3.1 missing operator*= for DScalar1bartus
2017-01-17bump python versionbartus
2016-11-28initial commitbartus