AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-26Update to 4.6.4Amish
2020-08-06Update to 4.6.3Amish
2020-04-03Move config options to config fileAmish
2020-04-03Improve PKGBUILD. Use systemd to create user, directoryAmish
2017-03-04Update to 4.6.2 and enable DSNRBLSteven Hiscocks
2016-07-13Update 4.6.1Steven Hiscocks
2016-05-12Update 4.6Steven Hiscocks
2015-11-02Update 4.5.16Steven Hiscocks
2015-10-31Update 4.5.15 SRCINFOSteven Hiscocks
2015-10-31Update to 4.5.15Steven Hiscocks
2015-09-12Initial creationSteven Hiscocks