AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-10shellcheck: fix SC2206bartus
2021-03-10update to 2021.1.0 and avoid bug in pyside 5.15.2ChemicalXandco
2020-10-28Fix missing idna, a cx_freeze depbartus
2020-10-28Revert "Override broken `pyside2` with the wheel version."bartus
2020-10-28Fix alice-vision camereSensors.db path.bartus
2020-10-28Add .shellcheckrcbartus
2020-10-28shellcheck automatic patching.bartus
2020-10-28Pop version to 2020.1.1bartus
2020-02-10Override broken `pyside2` with the wheel version.bartus
2019-08-20Pop version to 2019.2.0bartus
2019-03-11pop versionbartus
2018-12-09pin release versionbartus
2018-08-06drop upstream applied patchbartus
2018-08-06rework deps arrraybartus
2018-08-05add missing depsbartus
2018-08-05add missing depsbartus
2018-08-05pin commit till error in packaging get resolvedbartus