AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-27Add optdepends for lha compressed archivesJustin Wong
2021-02-10Align with community versionJustin Wong
2020-10-27bumpMatt Parnell
2020-07-18bumpMatt Parnell
2020-05-01fix buildMatt Parnell
2020-04-05bumpMatt Parnell
2020-02-21update makedepends to add gitMatt Parnell
2019-11-23python 3.8Matt Parnell
2019-05-18use a better repoMatt Parnell
2018-12-24whoospMatt Parnell
2018-12-06bumpMatt Parnell
2018-12-06bumpMatt Parnell
2018-08-05update, use proper git (my fork), update to sync with masterMatt Parnell
2018-01-28update/fix optionsMatt Parnell
2018-01-28initial commitMatt Parnell