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12 days0.5.6Andrew Sun
2021-03-130.5.5Andrew Sun
2021-03-010.5.4Andrew Sun
2021-01-170.5.3Andrew Sun
2020-12-100.5.2Andrew Sun
2020-12-060.5.1Andrew Sun
2020-08-220.5.0Andrew Sun
2020-06-290.4.1Andrew Sun
2020-06-290.4.0Andrew Sun
2019-12-16mcfly: update to 0.3.6Andrew Sun
2019-08-31mcfly: update to 0.3.5Andrew Sun
2019-05-25mcfly: update to 0.3.4Andrew Sun
2019-02-11mcfly: update to 0.3.3Andrew Sun
2018-12-29mcfly: update to 0.3.1Andrew Sun
2018-12-20mcfly: add license directoryAndrew Sun
2018-12-20mcfly: update to 0.2.5Andrew Sun
2018-12-060.2.4Bruce Zhang
2018-12-04mcfly 0.2.2Bruce Zhang