AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-28Update to v20200505.Donald Webster
2019-10-27Update to 20191016.Donald Webster
2019-08-06Put mbuffer.rc in /etc and protect it.Donald Webster
2019-08-06Add .gitignore.Donald Webster
2019-08-06Add armv7l support.Donald Webster
2019-08-06Clean up PKGBUILD and switch to sha512.Donald Webster
2019-08-06Updated to 20190725Kenneth Henderick
2018-10-24Updated to 20180625Kenneth Henderick
2018-04-18Update to 20180410Kenneth Henderick
2018-03-29Update to 20180318Kenneth Henderick
2017-12-21Fixed up md5sum messupKenneth Henderick
2017-12-21Updated to 20171011Kenneth Henderick
2017-08-11Update to 20170806Kenneth Henderick
2017-08-11Update to 20170806Kenneth Henderick
2017-01-25Updated to version 20161115Kenneth Henderick
2016-07-13Updated to 20160613Kenneth Henderick
2015-10-24Updated to version 20151002Kenneth Henderick
2015-08-19Migration of abandoned packageKenneth Henderick