AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysBump to version v0.39.0Julian Oes
2021-03-26Bump to version v0.38.2Julian Oes
2021-03-26Bump to version v0.38.1Julian Oes
2021-03-25Bump to version v0.38.0Julian Oes
2021-03-22Bump to version v0.37.0Julian Oes
2020-10-29Bump to version v0.34.0Jonas Vautherin
2020-10-19Bump to version v0.33.0Julian Oes
2020-10-07Bump to v0.32.0Julian Oes
2020-09-24Bump to v0.31.0Jonas Vautherin
2020-09-10Bump to v0.30.1Jonas Vautherin
2020-09-09Bump to v0.30.0, with ENABLE_MAVLINK_PASSTHROUGH=ONJonas Vautherin
2020-07-29Bump to v0.29.0Julian Oes
2020-06-24Bump to v0.28.0Julian Oes
2020-05-30Bump to v0.27.0Julian Oes
2020-05-11Update .SRCINFO as well for version bumpJulian Oes
2020-05-11Bump to v0.25.0Julian Oes
2020-05-11Reuse version variableJulian Oes
2020-03-02Add mavsdk library to AUR with version v0.24.0Julian Oes