AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-11bump to 3.14.1Martin Rys
2020-07-20bump to 3.14C0rn3j
2020-06-05bump to 3.13.6C0rn3j
2020-04-28bump to 3.13.5C0rn3j
2020-03-24Bump to 3.13.4C0rn3j
2020-02-24Bump to 3.13.3C0rn3j
2020-02-10bump to 3.13.2C0rn3j
2020-01-22bump version to 3.13.1C0rn3j
2019-11-27bump to 3.13.0C0rn3j
2019-11-05Update to matomo 3.12.0C0rn3j
2019-07-25Update to matomo 3.11.0Chris Morgan
2019-07-04Update to matomo 3.10.0Chris Morgan
2019-03-22Update to matomo 3.9.1Chris Morgan
2019-03-20Update to matomo 3.9.0Chris Morgan
2019-02-08Update to matomo 3.8.1Chris Morgan
2019-01-23Update to matomo 3.8.0Chris Morgan
2018-11-21Update to matomo 3.7.0Chris Morgan
2018-11-06Update to matomo 3.6.1Chris Morgan
2018-09-023.6.0-2: upstream modified the tarballChris Morgan
2018-09-01Update to matomo 3.6.0Chris Morgan
2018-08-29Update to matamo 3.5.1, with various changesChris Morgan
2018-04-01Fixed typo in replacesNils Czernia
2018-04-01Update to 3.4.0 and changed to matomoNils Czernia
2018-01-14Update to version 3.3.0Nils Czernia
2017-12-07Updated to version 3.2.1Nils Czernia
2017-10-16Updated to version 3.2.0Nils Czernia
2017-09-21Updated to Version 3.1.1Nils Czernia
2017-09-12Updated to version 3.1.0Nils Czernia
2017-09-12Updated to version 3.1.0Nils Czernia
2017-05-20Update to 3.0.4Carsten Feuls
2017-04-05MergeCarsten Feuls
2017-04-05Update to 3.0.3Carsten Feuls
2017-03-02Update to 3.0.2Carsten Feuls
2017-01-20Update to 3.0.1Carsten Feuls
2016-12-19Update to 3.0.0Carsten Feuls
2016-11-14Update to 2.17.1Carsten Feuls
2016-10-27Update to Piwik 2.17Carsten Feuls
2016-10-05Update to 2.16.5Carsten Feuls
2016-10-04Update to 2.16.4Carsten Feuls
2016-10-03Update to 2.16.3Carsten Feuls
2016-10-02Fix wron ChecksumCarsten Feuls
2016-08-03Update to 2.16.2Carsten Feuls
2016-04-11Update to 2.16.1Carsten Feuls
2016-02-04Piwik Updated to 2.16.0Carsten Feuls
2015-10-23Updated Piwik to 2.15.0Carsten Feuls
2015-08-06Piwik updated to 2.14.3Carsten Feuls
2015-07-27Updated piwik to 2.14.2 and added gpg verificationCarsten Feuls
2015-07-17Piwik updated to 2.14.1Carsten Feuls
2015-07-14Updated Piwik to 2.14.0Carsten Feuls
2015-06-09Initial importCarsten Feuls