AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 hoursForgot to update .SRCINFO in the last commitPatrick Goetz
14 hoursAdded back patchelf make dependency in order to remove incorrect built in RPATHPatrick Goetz
22 hoursNew version of masterpdfeditor which works with default Arch Qt5 libs againPatrick Goetz
2019-07-10Upstream update to 5.4.38Doug Newgard
2019-07-02Upstream update to 5.4.33Doug Newgard
2019-06-22Upstream update to 5.4.30Doug Newgard
2019-06-12Upstream update to 5.4.20Doug Newgard
2019-04-30Upstream update to 5.4.10Doug Newgard
2019-04-15Upstream update to 5.4.04Doug Newgard
2019-03-16Upstream update to 5.3.22Doug Newgard
2019-03-06Upstream update to 5.3.20Doug Newgard
2019-02-20Upstream update to 5.3.16Doug Newgard
2019-02-20Upstream update to 5.3.12Doug Newgard
2019-02-01Upstream update to 5.3.02Doug Newgard
2019-01-25Upstream update to 5.3.00Doug Newgard
2018-12-18Upstream update to 5.2.20Doug Newgard
2018-12-05Upstream update to 5.2.11Doug Newgard
2018-12-04Upstream update to 5.2.08Doug Newgard
2018-11-22Upstream update to 5.2.00Doug Newgard
2018-10-22Upstream update to 5.1.68Doug Newgard
2018-10-07Upstream update to 5.1.60Doug Newgard
2018-09-17Upstream update to 5.1.42Doug Newgard
2018-08-27Upstream update to 5.1.36Doug Newgard
2018-08-23Upstream update to 5.1.30Doug Newgard
2018-08-09Upstream update to 5.1.12Doug Newgard
2018-08-05Upstream update to 5.1.00Doug Newgard
2018-07-10Upstream update to 5.0.36Doug Newgard
2018-07-03Upstream update to 5.0.32Doug Newgard
2018-06-29Upstream update to 5.0.30Doug Newgard
2018-06-24Upstream update to 5.0.28Doug Newgard
2018-06-19Upstream update to 5.0.25Doug Newgard
2018-06-11Upstream update to 5.0.23Doug Newgard
2018-05-29Upstream update to 5.0.15Doug Newgard
2018-05-28Upstream update to 5.0.12Doug Newgard
2018-05-26Bump to 5.0.08Doug Newgard
2018-05-20Upstream update to 5.0.03Doug Newgard
2018-05-16Add new depsDoug Newgard
2018-05-16Upstream update to 5.0.02Doug Newgard
2018-03-21Upstream update to 4.3.89Doug Newgard
2018-01-27Upstream update to 4.3.82Doug Newgard
2018-01-24Upstream update to 4.3.80Doug Newgard
2017-10-03Upstream update to 4.3.61Doug Newgard
2017-09-18Upstream update to 4.3.50Doug Newgard
2017-09-07Upstream update to 4.3.10Doug Newgard
2017-09-04Upstream update to 4.3.00Doug Newgard
2017-07-24Upstream update to 4.2.70Doug Newgard
2017-07-20Upstream update to 4.2.68Doug Newgard
2017-07-11Upstream update to 4.2.63Doug Newgard
2017-07-07Upstream update to 4.2.60Doug Newgard
2017-06-29Upstream update to 4.2.30Doug Newgard