AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-25updated to commit 877eba66 (C11 POSIX:2008)Tom Nguyen
2017-09-23updated to commit 34540f08 (marshal refactor)Tom Nguyen
2017-09-20updated to commit 473e3ca1Tom Nguyen
2017-09-16updated to commit d448099aTom Nguyen
2017-09-15updated to commit fa613320Tom Nguyen
2017-09-12updated to commit 8c9c4ef7Tom Nguyen
2017-09-09fixed consistencyTom Nguyen
2017-09-08updated to commit 33bf2c93Tom Nguyen
2017-09-08updated to commit 5ef69aa0Tom Nguyen
2017-09-06updated to commit 1f592f50; release 2.6-cli-2Tom Nguyen
2017-09-05updated to commit 1439df9f; includes license headers to cli source filesTom Nguyen
2017-09-05updated to commit e676a0e2; release 2.6-cli-1Tom Nguyen
2017-09-05updated to commit 44d8ab6eTom Nguyen
2017-09-05updated to commit cd70009cTom Nguyen
2017-09-02updated to commit 060ce610Tom Nguyen
2017-08-31bumped pkgver to commit fad0f5e5Tom Nguyen
2017-08-29bumped pkgver to commit f5c7bee5Tom Nguyen
2017-08-29bumped pkgver to commit 7735d82cTom Nguyen
2017-08-29bumped pkgver to commit 1e7c2008Tom Nguyen
2017-08-29bumped pkgver to commit 724b357 containing folder fixesTom Nguyen
2017-08-27bumped pkgver to commit a85efc5 containing segfault fixesTom Nguyen
2017-08-27removed fixed commit and bumped pkgver to latest stable commitTom Nguyen
2017-08-26Force package to fixed commit and fixed formattingTom Nguyen
2017-08-08pkgver bump to revision r1222 commit ee50a4d0Tom Nguyen
2017-08-04bump pkgver to r1185.d3e3c9d7Tom Nguyen
2017-06-18merge from masterpassword-cli-c-gitTom Nguyen
2016-02-25update versionPatrick Wozniak
2016-02-25use full path to /usr/bin/installPatrick Wozniak
2015-08-30fix buildPatrick Wozniak
2015-07-10added gitignorePatrick Wozniak
2015-07-10Initial importPatrick Wozniak