AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysUpdating to 21.1Brenton Horne
3 daysUpdating to 21.1Brenton Horne
2020-12-14Updating to 20.21Brenton Horne
2020-11-08Update to 20.20Brenton Horne
2020-10-16Update to 20.19Brenton Horne
2020-08-23Updating to 20.17.0Brenton Horne
2020-08-02Bumping to 20.16Brenton Horne
2020-07-01Bumping to 20.15Brenton Horne
2020-06-2220.13->20.14Brenton Horne
2020-05-2420.12.0->20.13.0Brenton Horne
2020-05-0620.10.0->20.12.0Brenton Horne
2020-04-09Bumping to 20.10.0Brenton Horne
2020-03-26Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Horne
2020-03-26Bumping to 20.9.0Brenton Horne
2020-03-26Bumping to 20.9.0Brenton Horne
2020-03-12:arrow_up: 20.7Brenton Horne
2020-02-2220.4->20.5Brenton Horne
2020-02-10Updating to 20.4.0Brenton Horne
2020-01-25pkgrel was meant to be 1Brenton Horne
2020-01-25Updating to 20.3.0Brenton Horne
2020-01-22+MarvinView desktop config file, +Categories, MimeTypesBrenton Horne
2019-11-19Added gitignore and relaxed java dependencyUumas
2019-11-12Updated .SRCINFO alsoUumas
2019-11-12Updated to 19.23.0 and OpenJDK 11Uumas
2018-10-25ver 18.24.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-08-26ver 18.20.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-08-12ver 18.19.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-08-05another fix (wrong checksum)Lukas Jacobs
2018-08-05fixing a bug in previous releaseLukas Jacobs
2018-08-05ver 18.18.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-07-16ver 18.16.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-06-17ver 18.13.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-04-23ver 18.10.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-04-06ver 18.9.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-03-19ver 18.8.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-02-28ver 18.5.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-02-16ver 18.4.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-02-05ver 18.3.0Lukas Jacobs
2018-01-15ver 18.1.0Lukas Jacobs
2017-12-20ver 17.29.0Lukas Jacobs
2017-11-10ver 17.28.0Lukas Jacobs
2017-10-27ver 17.27.0Lukas Jacobs
2017-10-22ver 17.26.0Lukas Jacobs
2017-09-23ver 17.24.0Lukas Jacobs
2017-09-14ver 17.23.0Lukas Jacobs
2017-09-03ver 17.22.0Lukas Jacobs