AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-11Remove i686Aaron Bishop
2019-11-13Updated to 3.1.5Aaron Bishop
2019-07-08Update to 3.1.1Aaron Bishop
2019-01-09Updated to 3.0.8Aaron Bishop
2018-08-223.0.6Aaron Bishop
2018-06-25Fix install paths to something saneAaron Bishop
2018-06-18Remove dependency on mariadb-connector-c (see Bishop
2018-06-183.0.5Aaron Bishop
2018-06-08Don't allow previous versions of c connectorAaron Bishop
2018-06-08Fixed makedepends to work with any version 3 c connectorAaron Bishop
2018-04-09Remove unnecessary patchAaron Bishop
2018-04-09Version bump 3.0.3Aaron Bishop
2017-10-16return value based on github repo valueAaron Bishop
2017-10-16Merge branch 'master' of ssh://arch-aur/mariadb-connector-odbcAaron Bishop
2017-10-16bump to 3.0.2 stable, review fix_param_ignore to see if it may affect youAaron Bishop
2017-08-21verified depends and makedependsAaron Bishop
2017-08-21Updated depends and makedepends as suggested by artemklevtsovAaron Bishop
2017-08-21Updated to latest stable 2.0.15Aaron Bishop
2017-04-282.0.14Aaron Bishop
2016-10-17added .SRCINFO for 2.0.12Aaron Bishop
2016-10-17Updated to 2.0.12Aaron Bishop
2016-07-31initial commitAaron Bishop