AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-03Fix licenseSlashbunny
2015-04-11Remove "v" from version numberSlashbunny
2015-01-04Remove executable bit from systemd service fileSlashbunny
2014-01-01/run is tmpfs, so tmpfiles.d configuration needs to be added to persist betwe...Slashbunny
2013-12-29Many modernizations and improvementsSlashbunny
2013-01-21systemd service files need the .service extensionSlashbunny
2012-12-05Add systemd service file for maraschinoSlashbunny
2012-10-01Remove install file since it is not being usedSlashbunny
2012-09-20Forgot to add maraschinoproject-git to repoSlashbunny