AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-30updating to version 1.0.6Oliver Mangold
2020-01-30bumping version to 1.0.5Oliver Mangold
2019-09-17update to version 1.0.4Oliver Mangold
2019-09-06update to version 1.0.2Oliver Mangold
2019-08-06update to version 1.0.1Oliver Mangold
2019-07-27adding updated srcinfo, forgotten in previous commitOliver Mangold
2019-07-27update to real version 1.0.0Oliver Mangold
2019-07-27changing to semantic versionOliver Mangold
2019-07-26removing gtk-doc from builddepsOliver Mangold
2019-07-26initial releaseOliver Mangold