AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysAdded missing AUR dependencyGroctel
12 daysChanged package name to manimGroctel
13 daysUpdated to 0.5.0Groctel
2021-03-06Updated to 0.4.0Groctel
2021-02-02Updated to 0.3.0Groctel
2021-01-05Fixed pkgbase referenceGroctel
2021-01-05Upgraded to 0.2.0Groctel
2020-12-05Fixed second rookie mistakeGroctel
2020-12-05Fixed rookie mistakeGroctel
2020-12-05Updated pkgrelGroctel
2020-12-05Updated to v0.1.1Groctel
2020-10-25Fixed pip only dependenciesGroctel
2020-10-24Corrected licensesGroctel
2020-10-24Removed unnecessary dependency and added package conflictGroctel
2020-10-24First commit: The package can be installedGroctel