AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-15Depend on VCS checkout of other LXQt componentsPeter Mattern
2018-12-15Add build dependency lxqt-build-toolsPeter Mattern
2016-11-10Drop dependency KGuiAddonsPeter Mattern
2016-09-21Reflect upstream dependency changesPeter Mattern
2016-09-21Polish after adopting packagePeter Mattern
2016-09-06 Revert as lxqt-panel cannot detect libsysstat automaticallyYen Chi Hsuan
2016-09-06 Bump to Chi Hsuan
2016-08-08 Bump to Chi Hsuan
2015-08-30Version bump due to ABI changesJerome Leclanche
2015-08-08Disable sysstat plugin entirely for now as it's brokenJerome Leclanche
2015-06-09Initial import from old AURJerome Leclanche