AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-20Drop custom sqlite and libcoAsterios Dimitriou
2020-05-09Package ovmf2 moved to edk2-ovmfAsterios Dimitriou
2020-02-17Fix .SRCINFOAsterios Dimitriou
2020-02-17Build with make v4.3 is fixed upstreamAsterios Dimitriou
2020-02-17Allow compile with GNU make 4.3Asterios Dimitriou
2020-01-23Add new cgo flagsAsterios Dimitriou
2019-06-29Copy new dependencies to lxd folderAsterios Dimitriou
2019-06-29new upstream dependeciesAsterios Dimitriou
2019-01-04Change make dependency to provider of goAsterios Dimitriou
2019-01-04More friendly to caching aur helpersAsterios Dimitriou
2018-12-04Faster build if lxd is already in the src directoryAsterios Dimitriou
2018-08-16bash completion tweak and adviceAsterios Dimitriou
2018-08-15version lxd 3.4Asterios Dimitriou