AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-15Add 'python-markdown' to makedepends and optdependsChristopher Arndt
2020-01-31Add missing python-lxml make/optdependsChristopher Arndt
2019-12-18Rebuild to update version in providesChristopher Arndt
2019-10-20Update pkdesc, makedepends amd optdepends, install docsChristopher Arndt
2019-05-16Upstream repository changed again and now uses git submodule for waflibChristopher Arndt
2019-03-16Fix source repo URLChristopher Arndt
2018-12-19Stream-line provides listChristopher Arndt
2018-08-14Build is incompatible with Python 3.7+, use Python 2 insteadChristopher Arndt
2018-04-13Strip revision/git hash from version number in providesChristopher Arndt
2016-01-19Python 3 can be used to build instead Python 2 nowChristopher Arndt
2015-07-11Initial import of lv2-git packageChristopher Arndt