AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-06-24Update lubuntu-artwork to v20.04.3funilrys
2018-10-03Update of lubuntu-artwork to v1.8funilrys
2018-08-23Update of lubuntu-artwork to v1.6funilrys
2018-05-19Update lubuntu-artwork to v1.3funilrys
2017-10-01Update lubuntu-artwork to v0.69funilrys
2017-08-15Update lubuntu-artwork to v0.68funilrys
2017-06-29Update lubuntu-artwork to v0.67funilrys
2017-02-27Update lubuntu-artwork to v0.66Nissar Chababy
2016-11-30Update lubuntu-artwork to v0.65Nissar Chababy
2016-08-31Update to v0.6.4funilrys
2016-06-13Update pkg (0.62)lester
2016-04-20Update pkg (0.61)lester
2016-03-10Update pkg (0.60)lester
2016-01-11Update pkg (0.59)lester
2015-12-20Update pkg (0.58)lester
2015-12-14Update pkg (0.57)lester
2015-09-13Merge branch 'master' of
2015-09-13Merge pull request #2 from glesik/patch-1mijikai
Update archive type
2015-09-13Update pkg (0.56)lester
2015-09-06Fix package url pathlester
2015-09-02Update archive typeAlexander Inglessi
V0.55 is compressed with xz, not gz.
2015-08-24Update pkg (0.55)lester
2015-08-16Update pkg (0.55)lester
2015-04-23Update pkg (0.54)lester
2015-03-16[lubuntu-artwork] Update pkg (0.53)lester
2015-03-02[lubuntu-artwork] Update pkg (0.52)lester
2015-02-23[lubuntu-artwork] Update pkg (0.51)lester
2014-12-23Add package repository source urllester
2014-12-23Increase pkgrel due to packaging changeslester
2014-12-23Merge pull request #1 from glesik/patch-1mijikai
Fix the directory to copy from due to source package changes
2014-12-21Update PKGBUILDAlexander Inglessi
It seems that directory structure has changed in 0.50.
2014-12-19[lubuntu-artwork] Update pkg (0.50)lester
2014-09-15[lubuntu-artwork] Update pkg (0.49)lester
2014-08-23[lubuntu-artwork] Update pkg (0.48)lester
2014-08-06Fix email addresslester
2014-08-06[lubuntu-artwork] Update pkg (0.47)lester
2014-08-06Change email address of maintainerlester
2014-08-06[lubuntu-artwork] Update pkg (0.45)lester
2013-12-01Update pkg (0.42)mijikai
2013-11-02Fix variable formatting and quotationmijikai
2013-11-01Fix indentationmijikai
2013-11-01Update optdepend elementary iconmijikai
The icon theme was moved to community and renamed.
2013-11-01Update pkg (0.41)mijikai
2013-11-01Update maintainer and contributormijikai
2013-11-01(no commit message)mijikai