AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-03Bump version to 11.5.625Andreas Born
2017-10-28Revert version to 11.3.476 following upstreamAndreas Born
2017-10-04Bump version to 11.4.564, depends now jre8Andreas Born
2017-08-14Bump version to 11.3.476Andreas Born
2017-05-31Bump pkgrelAndreas Born
2017-05-31Revert back to requiring Oracle JREAndreas Born
2017-04-25Bump version to 11.3.417 and require a generic java-runtimeAndreas Born
2016-12-27Bump version to 10.6.468Andreas Born
2016-10-26Change dependency to jreAndreas Born
2016-09-29Bump version to 10.6.450Andreas Born
2016-09-16Bump version to 10.6.447Andreas Born
2016-05-31Bump version to 10.5.391Andreas Born
2016-01-26Initial importAndreas Born